Being a Girl.....

Being a female and working at a video game store is quite interesting…. especially if you’re an attractive female. I know I’m pretty good looking (with makeup on of course) and apparently so do a decent amount of the guys that come into my store. I get hit on fairly often, most of the time it’s smiles or chatting more than necessary. Occasionally I get more than the normal flirting.

Once and older man, maybe about 40, said we could discuss what game system he should get for his kids over lunch and gave me his number. That phone number got thrown away after he left. A more recent event was when a guy that had been in earlier called the store phone to ask if he could call me some time. I was a little shocked and all I could say was “uhhhh… I’m taken…” then I couldn’t really understand what he said after that. I then proceeded to tell my co-worker and text my other co-workers, a few friends, and of course my boyfriend about it. A couple of the guys mentioned how he did just call me, so what was the point of asking? I do work with some pretty witty people! My manager likes to mention how I text him all the time about how a guy just hit on me or asked if I was seeing anybody.

A majority of the time the guys are creepy or sleazy. Sometimes I do get somebody shyer who asks about me, and then I kind of feel bad that I’m turning them down. At the same time though I get kind of puzzled as to why they think a girl that works at a video game store would be single. I’m sure there are plenty of girls that are single that work at a game store, but I would never assume. I also occasionally get the thought that it might not be safe for me working there, as I said, there are some sleazy looking guys that ask about me sometimes and my mind wonders a lot. Luckily the two and a half years I’ve been working there I’ve been perfectly safe, it’s just been more like this video, which is exactly like work (except the dancing on the counter part).


  1. WALLOFTEXT. Paragraphs, please. Or I'll sick Quagmire on you.

  2. You should get their names and check them out on a sex offenders registry.

  3. 'Hey, are you gonna walk to your car by yourself later? Oh, Ok cool. See you in a couple of hours!'

  4. You should do something about that lack of dancing on the counter :P