Mini Ninjas Part I

Getting only one boss into the game I can tell that Mini Ninjas is my type of game…. easy. I’m not that good at any game that isn’t an RPG or MMO so when I find a pretty easy game that I’ll actually be able to finish I can’t put it down. Mini Ninjas is about Hiro, the last ninja in his village that gets sent out to find all the other ninjas that never returned after searching for answers about the new evil that has risen. When you start the game there is a tutorial in the village to learn the controls. When you leave the village you have control of Hiro as well as his friend, Futo, and you collect the other ninjas along the way. Each ninja has a different specialty; Hiro’s being the ability to use Kuji magic which includes entering into an animal’s body as well as fireballs, tornadoes, and more. Using your skills you defeat the evil samurai which are actually animals that were transformed. The controls are quite easy and you are given tips at certain points to help you along the way. Since I’ve only played a little bit so far I can't really review the game fully but as soon as I get further into the game or beat it (which is rare for me) I'll post the next part.

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