Scribblenauts is a DS game that comes out on 09/15 but I got to preview it a little early. This is a really cool game, even if you just fool around in the title screen like we did in this video.

Unfortunately for us immature adults you can't use any profane words because it is geared towards the younger audience. But you can do some pretty cool things fly a plane or use a jet pack, catch a mouse with a mouse trap, or shoot a butterfly with a bazooka... you can do almost anything! Another cool thing you can do is write in time machine and when you touch/sit in it you will go back or forward in time seen in this video (not done by me and my co-worker).

If you get a chance check it out, it's definitely worth it because there are so many possibilities even when you're actually playing the puzzle modes.


  1. I've seen people play this. Try god, excalibur, and giant squid. Game looks good, I'm considering buying it.

  2. I took the first video!

    Oh, and you can actually get the Grim Reaper, too. We had him in a cage match with Satan and God. God won, but 1v1 God always lost. Hmmm...