Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

I'm not going to be reviewing Modern Warfare 2, but instead I'll just talk about the midnight release of the game and the following morning. I rarely play shooters myself, but I understand that the majority of the gaming community is. This was the most reserved game in history and it showed.

Monday night I came in to work at about 9:00pm. Two people were already there and one more was to arrive in half an hour. There were probably about 15 or 20 people already waiting outside, one of our regular customers had been there since 5:30 even though I told him to come later (he's a little slow actually). That night we were going to try and do as much work as we could in the store since we had extra people and some down time. One other associate came to get his game and have pizza with us and ended up working as well. Around 10 we started to ring people up because that's how our midnight release system works.

That was when the mayhem started.

Before midnight came along I was constantly ringing people up, at times with the help of others. While doing transactions we were all trying to price game cases from our ps2 dump bins and at the end of the night only a handful got done. At midnight people were let in a few at a time to grab their games. With the system we have people were in and out but the only problem was there were over a hundred people. We probably had about 125 pick-ups including the walk in sales. That number is only the sales though, that doesn't include all the parents and friends waiting outside.

When we got through the line of people who paid before midnight there was still another line that was almost as long. We thought we would never leave but finally around 1:00am we were counting down the registers. I finished closing the store and without even finishing the paperwork I left after 1:30am.

The next morning I woke up and did my school work, played with the baby, etc. Not a bad start to the day. I went to work at 2:30 and came in to a long line. I clocked in and helped to get the line down. Long lines were on and off all night and we had to put all the trades we got in into a box to be worked on later. It even took me two or three hours to actually eat my dinner, I didn't even finish it! I described the day to a few people as worse than black Friday. If it were black Friday we wouldn't have gotten as many trades and we'd have more than two people on at a time to help.

It did slow down towards the end of the night but we still had to clean up the store. I ended up being there probably an extra 15 minutes closing up and making sure I wasn't leaving too much for the others. Hopefully things calm down once everybody has gotten their game, then we just have to prepare for the holidays!


  1. You guys should just set up a vending machine outside the store that turns on at midnight to dispense the games--rather, an armed vending machine that tasers anyone who tries to break it open or who doesn't have a pre-order.

  2. Doing the bins was a great idea in theory, but it's going to be a slow process until we have a week where things are calm. Pain in the ass.