Bad things happen in sets of.... twenty?

I think that's how it is for me, one bad thing just keeps happening after another.

The other night my hand went through the glass in our bedroom window because it's so old, big clean chunk of glass. I wasn't hurt, but the fact that something in this house breaks every other day sucks. The people who own the house didn't replace or fix anything before they decided to rent it out. Luckily Rob knows the landlady so she's cool about the stuff but on the other hand they aren't in any rush to fix things when they break.

This morning I thought a had something stuck in my tooth but what I eventually pulled out was actually part of my tooth! It doesn't really hurt, it actually hurts less now that the piece isn't pushing on anything, but I need better insurance because if I were to go to the dentist I would need to get that tooth fixed up (probably pulled and a bridge put in) and other cavities filled and it would be quite expensive. I did apply for different insurance today since I'm kinda low income I might be able to get better coverage outside of work.

And lastly before going out to breakfast I went to go feed the rabbits and my poor Cowtail didn't need any food because he died. He hadn't really been eating which was very odd for him but I was not expecting him to die, I thought he would just get back to eating like a pig. I'm borrowing a shovel from my friend who's also my ex-boyfriend and I think he'll be pretty upset when he finds out why I need it.

I don't really expect this to be the end of my bad luck since it's already been pretty constant. Hopefully things will get better after my dad and brother are fully moved in.

RIP Cowtail 09/07/2009

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