The Hilarity of Halo

A couple of days ago I came in to work and saw this toy on the counter.

Everybody I know that has come in and said something about it (including my dad) mentions how Caboose is driving. Who's Caboose you ask? Only my favorite character from the machinima web series Red vs. Blue. This series uses the Halo games and is about well... the red team versus the blue team which are both filled with VERY interesting people. The group that makes the RvB series, Rooster Teeth, has many other great videos. My new favorites are their live action shorts that involve scenarios with the crew members.
Rob and I have considered doing similar videos, but they would be more like us sitting and talking because we have some crazy conversations, like who would win in a fight, a gazelle or a mongoose? I think the latter. We also had the idea of doing the same thing with a group of our friends because when you add them in it's even crazier. Now I think that would be fun to do, and maybe attract some watchers, but I'd much rather be a part of Rooster Teeth... it's just too bad they're so far away! The closest I have gotten is having a few of their t-shirts and my manager getting Matt and Joel's autographs for me at the GameStop manager's conference this past week (you're the best Bill!). Right now I will say I am pretty satisfied with just watching videos and participating in the awesome comunity on the RT website. Check it out, you'll love it! redvsblue.com or roosterteeth.com

Told ya he's my favorite character!

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