Monster Hunter

One game that I was recently introduced to is Monster Hunter. A couple months ago the latest game in the series was released and I had it reserved because I gave in after being pestered to play. It’s a great game and it’s something I can pick up after not playing it for a while. There’s no intricate story line and you don’t level. You just kill monsters and make/upgrade you armor and weapons. The only thing you really need to play monster hunter is patience. Luckily I have some! Because you kill monsters over and over to make your new weapons it can get a little tedious. After killing a Kut-Ku seven times in a row just to make a new sword you might want to turn the game off for a while. The quests have simple instructions; you’ll hunt/slay, slay, or collect items, and because you don’t level it’s more about you equipment and learning the patterns of the monsters. Monster Hunter isn’t for everyone of course, but in my opinion it’s about a 9/10.

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