Wobbly Walking and World of Warcraft

Aiden has been fully walking for about a month now, maybe a little less. At first, probably like any other baby, he would walk a few steps then get down and crawl to get where he wanted. Now he prefers to walk and I rarely see him crawling. He doesn't get into anything more than he did before like a lot of people said he would. In fact, Aiden walking actually helps us out more. Besides it being more fun to play with him and him hugging our legs when he sees us, we can tell when he's tired. Not that it was hard to tell before, but again, probably like any other baby, he gets very wobbly when he's tired. He bumps into things and falls over for no reason, but in the morning or after a good nap he walks just as well as you and I.

Now while Aiden is running around like a madman (or making a mess of his dinner like he is right now) I'm either doing school work, surfing the web, or playing a game. Lately it's been World of Warcraft, though soon I'll be playing some other stuff. I'm not addicted to WoW like the stereotypical player.... ok so I am right now, but for me it's actually a way to spend quality time with my boyfriend. It sounds pretty sad, but thankfully it's not the only thing we ever do. Playing together is pretty nice because our computers are right next to each other and we can just relax and chat about how our day was. I don't play alone very often but when I do it's mostly just killing things for experience of selling things to make money. I try not to do the quests alone because that's what we do together. Hopefully I'll start playing a new game tomorrow and I'll post my thoughts on it within the next couple days.

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