Working in Retail

The other day at work this one woman really got to me. A lot of people take retail jobs for granted. Mostly kids who haven’t had jobs before and the adults who never worked in a retail environment. At gamestop the kids do the obvious like leaving their empty bottles by the interactive or not putting games back where they came from. The adults can be worse than the kids though.!

You can tell when somebody had worked in retail. A lot of times they’ll say “I know how it is” or just know they respect you and your job. When somebody comes in that hasn’t worked in retail it’s even easier to tell. Some adults are just as bad with leaving games sitting in the wrong sections. They don’t realize that we actually have to clean up after them. They think all we do is stand behind the counter and ring people up or ask people if they need help.

No, we have to do physical work like doing shipment (two xbox360s are kinda heavy for a weakling like me) and inventory. We have to count down the registers at night, so when people decide to stay in the store ten minutes after we close that’s even longer before we can go home.

Now I know a lot of you know where I’m coming from. I could go on more about people that shop in my store, especially the woman from the other day, though it was partially my fault she was being a bitch. Do you guys have any particular stories or opinions on working in retail?


  1. Even before I had my many retail jobs, I always put things back and respected that people have to maintain the store. My mom taught me to be like that, even though she never had a retail job. I think some people are just more empathetic. I've had people give me a difficult job a radioshack and admit they worked retail, but accused me of doing it wrong. Some people just have the attitude that the world revolves around them and that if they shop at your store or eat at your restaurant, you should do whatever they want for them. It's so frusterating. :[

  2. yea, that's pretty much what the one woman was like the other day. I forgot to mention in the post how it's hard to have a social life when you work in retail, especially if you work full time because of the random schedules

  3. Uhh...Yeah its Max...Watch the movie Clerks then consider Randal me working at Wow Video...Pretty much the same thing...Fucking customers lol