So I can't say that I'm as excited for Halloween as I was when I was little but I am really looking forward to it. Things change when you become a parent, you always want to see the smiling face of your child. I know part of the time we're going around trick or treating Aiden will be upset because we wont let him eat every piece of candy he gets, but I know he'll have fun.

Last year was ok, Aiden got pictures taken in his costume before Halloween and we went out but of course he couldn't walk or have candy yet. This year will be Aiden's first real Halloween!

We are all going as sith from the Star Wars universe. I think that my costume looks good so far, for a modified leotard from the thrift store and an old skirt, just a little more tweaking. Rob got into making custom light sabers because of a couple friends so we wont have those cheap toy ones.

I'll post pictures here of us all when everything is done or from Halloween.

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