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My apologies for not posting in a while, I've been fighting with a topic since I haven't played any new games recently. This is going to be a short post to hold you over until I can come up with something good.

Something that people never mention when talking about gaming are flash, click, and other internet games. You would not think of the word "gamer" when talking about people who play these types of games; but with the "casual gamer" being focused on a lot more these days these people can now be called gamers. I mean... if people that play The Sims all day can be casual gamers why can't the people that play games on Pogo be?

There are a couple specific games I'd like to point out with this post. The first has been a favorite of mine for about a year now. Rob introduced me to the Bloons Tower Defense games and for a few days I was trying to clear all the levels in the third game. If you've ever played a tower defense game you know what it's about. For those of you who haven't the object of Bloons Tower Defense is to pop the balloons before they get to the end of the track. You are given different tools to do so but it takes a bit of strategy.

Bloons Tower Defense from Ninja Kiwi

The next game that I was recently introduced to is called Machinarium. This is a very stylized adventure click game from Amanita Design. In this game you lead a little robot around and solve each level. Some parts get you thinking really hard but luckily there are some hints and a mini game that helps you solve things you don't know how to.

Machinarium from Amanita Design

Check out these games and others around the web and bring out the casual gamer in you!

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