Maid Service?

Because I work in a retail store I can respect that fact that other people have to clean up the stores. When I bring my child into a store and he pulls something down or grabs things he shouldn’t I clean it up right away, especially if it’s the store I work at because I’ll get yelled at or I’ll have to clean it up later.

I see so many people putting games in the wrong spots or watching their kids pull things off shelves. I’d much rather have people hand me a huge stack of games to put away, since I know where they go, then them leaving them in random spots around the store. It makes me way happier than it should when a young child actually puts a game away in the right spot, especially on their own. I think it’s bad enough that parent’s let their 12 year old kids come up to the store alone (we’re not a babysitting service) and they destroy it because they have no respect, but it’s so much worse when they’re with the kids and the store is being destroyed.

It’s really not hard to clean up our store if we keep up with it. Knowing your alphabet and how to vacuum can make you a great employee, which brings me to another topic: trash in the store. So many times we’ll find bottles behind the interactive or people will just leave them at the counter. It’s one thing that we have to put away the games you left half way across the store, but now we have to throw away your garbage? Awesome!

Dear ignorant people who shop at GameStop I think we need to put up a tip jar for being your maids and watching your kids…. Pay us!


  1. Hey!
    I saw your comment on Doe Deere Blogazine about making eyeshadow and came to comment on your site when I realized we were both gamers, and both members of team candy future!

    Anyways! I googled it awhile ago, and EHow has a good tutorial on it! It won't let me post a link on your comment box for some reason though. As for suppliers. www.tkbtrading.com has a HUGE and great selection. I believe it might also be Doe Deere's supplier as I found a website showing swatches from them and from her Lime Crime magic dusts, but I'd rather not post that link, since its kind of revealing, blunt and a litle negative about independant make-up companies. It was a disheartening post, but I still love Xenia AND Lime Crime! Sorry for rambling, but I hope that stuff helps you out some!

  2. I watched a little girl the other day in the garden state center store open 3 or 4 cases and pull out the inserts for the games and put them in a pile and leave with her parents, I don't even work for game stop and i put all the stuff back.

    people are slobs sometimes.

  3. OMG this drives me crazy. I worked at a toy store for like 2 years and since then I notice everything a kid does in the store... however, I've found sometimes the adults are even worse!!!