The other day I realized that I would actually have to do work for my next class. This is my fourth class so far. The second class was a little involved because I had to write a paper every week but the other two were pretty much just doing things on the computer that I already knew how to do or were incredibly easy to learn. Sometimes I’m happy that I’m taking my courses online, sometimes I’m not.

Even though I’m only taking one course at a time and I have the freedom to do the work at my own pace I still seem to get assignments in at the last minute most of the time. The two most obvious reasons are because I procrastinate and I work full time and have a young child. I’ll admit I spend a good deal of time at home on the computer, but part of that is doing school work. When I’m on the computer and not doing work I’m usually getting up often to take care of Aiden. If I were to only work on school assignments when I’m on the computer I would still have just as many distractions.

The class I’m in now, History of Art in Early Civilization, is pretty interesting. I’m not opposed to doing any of the work like I was in my English class, but I will have to do a lot of research and be involved in my assignments. My next class is Basic Math which if I need help for any reason I’ve got a math whiz by my side. The class after that is *drum roll please*…. Principles of Digital Photography! I’ll finally be taking a photography course starting January 11th!

What did/do you like or dislike about school?

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